The Best Way to Cook Ribs

There is nothing better than a tender barbecued rib, dripping with succulent barbecue sauce and falling off the bone when you eat it. Ribs are a beloved food around the country (not just in the south) and even many Long Islanders are always in search of the best ribs, seeking out restaurants and recipes for the “perfect rib”.  

Whether you liked them baked, grilled, smoked or barbecued, there are many great recipes for making delicious ribs. There are definitely a few tricks to the trade and many people have their own preferences when it comes to making ribs as well (for example – rub versus marinade, or sweet or spicy sauce).  Whatever your preferences are – following are a few great tips to follow when making delicious, tender and succulent ribs at home (or anywhere).

Trimming the Ribs

Start with high quality, pork ribs.  Saint Louis cut spare ribs are a great cut to use. Trim the bones from the end of the rack and cut off any meat flaps that may be hanging down,trim any excess fat,  then remove the membrane from the back of the ribs (insert a knife and pull it off). This tissue does not allow any smoke or flavor from a rub to enter the ribs so you want to make sure to remove it.

Seasoning the Ribs

You can use a premade dry rub (there are many great ones out there) or make a rub of your own.  Delicious rub ingredients that work well for ribs include brown sugar, salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder, cumin, chili powder various dried spices and cayenne pepper if you like a spicy kick. Be as creative as you want with your dry rub ingredients.

To make sure your dry rub seasoning sticks to the meat, you need to create a “binder” that allows the rub to stick.  You can use oil or mustard (mustard adds another layer of flavor). Apply the binder and then generously rub your ribs to completely coat them with the dry rub ingredients.  Let the rubs sit for s few minutes to soak up the rub.

Cooking the Ribs

Cook the ribs in a smoker for the best flavor.  It can take about two to three hours until the ribs reach a rich, mahogany color. Once this has been achieved, remove the ribs from the smoker.

Place the ribs in several sheets of foil.  Then add brown sugar and honey. Add some additional rub mixture to the ribs.  Double wrap the ribs tightly in foil. Place the package of ribs back in the smoker.  The ribs will become tender and flavorful from the natural rib juices mixed with all the seasonings.  After about an hour – remove the ribs. If the package is flexible and the ribs can be easily cut with a knife, they are ready for sauce.

Saucing the Ribs

Add any barbecue sauce that you like. You can make a homemade sauce but there also many outstanding bottled barbecue sauces available – from mild and smoky, sweet and tangy to spicy and hot.  Sometimes a combination of several sauces can create the best flavor. Add the sauce and then wrap the ribs in foil for about fifteen minutes. Then you are ready to slice your ribs and enjoy!

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